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Field Application Note: Differential Expansion TSI

STI offers a complete selection of Industrial Tachometers to measure the speed of your rotating machinery. DIN Rail Mounted Speed Transmitters, Panel Mount Tachometers w/Integral Display and Explosion Proof Tachometers are available. The CMCP575 Speed Transmitter is used when output is desired for PLC/DCS. The CMCP-TACH3 Tachometer is used when local display and alarms are required. All versions accept multiple pulses per revolution.

Programmable Tachometer

CMCP-TACH3 Programmable Panel Mount Tachometer
Features a range up to 999,999 RPM, is adjustable for multiple inputs per revolution, accepts almost any input, and has adjustable alarms. The CMCP-TACH3 is front panel programmable for single or multiple pulses per revolution and scaling. It may be used as Tachometer, Rate-meter, Counter, or a Totalizer. The tachometer also offers Rate Of Acceleration.

Explosion Proof Tachometer

CMCP-TACH3-XP Explosion Proof Tachometer
Same features as our CMCP-TACH3 in an explosion proof enclosure. The CMCP-TACH3-XP is front panel programmable for single or multiple pulses per revolution and scaling. It may be used as a Tachometer, Ratemeter, Counter or Totalizer. The CMCP-TACH3-XP offers a fixed or floating decimal point and can be supplied with remote optical, infrared, laser, proximity, magnetic pickup, or eddy current probe sensors.

CMCP-575 Speed Transmitter

CMCP575 Speed Transmitter
The CMCP575 Speed Transmitters are compatible with proximity probe or Hall effect inputs, they provide a 4-20 mA output proportional to the overall measurement. Each unit provides power for the associated transducer, processes the signal, and outputs a 4-20 mA dc current that is proportional to a user specified range such as 0-1,000 RPM.

Tachometer Speed Sensor

CMCP-P5-11 Speed Sensor
Proximity speed pickup for the CMCP-TACH3 tachometers

CMCP-3070A Intrinsically Safe Speed Sensor

CMCP3070A Intrinsically Safe Speed Sensor
Class I Rated Magnetic Speed Pickup. This sensor is specifically engineered for use in gas, oil and petrochemical industry applications. It has an explosion-proof design and UL approved for Class I - Group A, B, C ,D hazardous locations. Class II - Group E, F and G.

CMCP-240 Proximity Speed Sensor

CMCP240 Proximity Speed Sensor
Proximity speed pickup for the CMCP575 speed transmitter

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