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STI Vibration Monitoring’s Transmitter Calculator will calculate your Transmitters expected output between mA (Milliamps) or Volts (DC) and Engineering Units. Simply enter your values in the provided fields below and then enter either measured mA,V or EU. To reset the calculator, refresh your browser page. Note: Setup values (4) must be entered and include Engineering Units Minimum and Maximum Range and mA or Volts Minimum and Maximum Range. Refresh your browser to reset all to "0". Example is at bottom of page.

Example:Setup: Four (4) Values must be entered, Min/Max Engineering Units (0, 10) and Min/Max mA,V Range (4, 20).The Transmitter output is measured at 12.7 mA in the range of 4 to 20 mA.The Control System’s display shows Engineering Units from 0 to 10 EU.Then the 12.7 mA will result in 5.438 EU.In the same setup, if the Control system reads 7.0 EU, the transmitter provides a current of 15.2 mA.

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