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Triaxial Accelerometers provide a dynamic output in three (3) perpendicular planes simultaneously (X, Y, & Z). Three accelerometers are used internally and mounted 90 degrees apart. As an example, if mounted and oriented properly on top of a bearing, 100 mv/g dynamic outputs would be available for simultaneous data collection in the Vertical, Horizontal, and Axial direction. Multi Axial Accelerometers use a single multi-pin connector for wiring. STI carries Triaxial Accelerometers and also offers a full line of BNC Junction Boxes with connectors to match your data collector or analyzer.

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CMCP1300A Triaxial Accelerometer CMCP1300A Triaxial Accelerometer

  • Low Cost
  • 100mV/g 10%
  • 4 Pin MS Connector
  • 0.32Hz to 10kHz (19.2 to 600k CPM)
  • 2 Second Settling Time
  • 1/4"-28 UNF Captive Bolt
  • Lightweight Aluminum Case
CMCP1300A Triaxial Accelerometer

US MSRP: $595.00
Side Exit Triaxial Accelerometer CMCP760T Triaxial, Side Exit

  • 100mV/g 10%
  • 4 Pin M12, Side Exit
  • 1.5Hz to 12kHz (90 to 720k cpm)
  • 2 Second Setting Time
  • -67 to +284 F (-55 to 140 C)
  • 1/4" x 28 UNF Mounting Stud
  • Lifetime Warranty
CMCP760T Triaxial Side Exit Accelerometer

US MSRP: $795.00