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A portable Vibration Signal and DC Voltage Source for calibrating and verifying machinery monitoring systems including Accelerometers, Velocity Transducers, and Proximity Systems (Eddy Current Probe System) is now available.
Typical Applications include:
Calibration Verification
Testing End to End Wiring
Vibration Signal Simulation
Verification of OK Circuits, Alarms and Relays
Thrust Position Setup and Calibration
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CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered with Smart Charger
>80+ Hours of Runtime
Calibrated Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Outputs
BNC Female Output Connector
Peak to Peak and RMS Selectable
318 Hz Fixed Signal Frequency
10 Fixed AC Vibration Amplitude Selections plus Variable Output
10 Fixed DC Gap Selections plus Variable Output
0 to -20.0 VDC DC Range
Works with both +24 and -24 VDC Powered Systems
10.0 VDC Bias for Accelerometers and Proximity Systems