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Case History: Frame 5 Gas Turbine with Compressor/Generator
Problem: In 2005 a Gulf Coast Natural Gas Processing and Transportation Company contacted STI Vibration Monitoring to offer an alternative replacement for an existing obsolete vibration monitoring sy
Case History: Kinetic UPS Monitoring using HMI
Problem: The customer needed a solution for monitoring of a multiple large 2.1 mw Kinetic UPS Systems made up of a Marine Diesel Engine, Motor/Generator, Over-run Clutch and Enclosed Flywheel. The fl
Case History: Marine Gearbox Monitoring
The Problem: After experiencing Gear Box failure STI was asked by the owner of a large yacht to recommend a suitable cost effective monitoring solution to monitor marine gearbox health. The Captain w
Case History: Vertical Pumps in Hazardous Areas
Problem: A refinery in the Far East wanted Vibration Monitoring for thirteen (13) Vertical Pumps installed in a Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Area. They also required access to the buffer
Case History: Coal Pulverizers
Problem: A Midwestern USA Power Company requested STI offer a solution for continuous vibration monitoring of their 6 Coal Pulverizers. They required that the vibration values be digitized and sent t
Case History: Cooling Tower #1
The Problem: A Power Company with a Combined Cycle Plant in Central Texas had a requirement to monitor their Cooling Tower Fans after a catastrophic failure occurred on one. The requirement included
Case History: Hydro Turbine Generator
The Problem: A Western US Power Utility desired to monitor the radial vibration of their 13 each 3 bearing Vertical Hydro Turbine Generators. The Utility had an upgraded DCS System which they wanted
Case History: Power Plant Balance of Plant, BOP #1
The Problem: A Mid-Western Power Company had a requirement to permanently monitor four (4) FD (Forced Draft), five (5) ID (Induced Draft) and six (6) PA (Primary Air) Fans. The fifteen (15) Fans were
Case History: Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) #1
The Problem: A Western U.S. power company was faced with needing to replace an existing, but obsolete, Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI). The existing system had all the common turbine monito
Case History: Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) #2
The Problem: A Mid-Western Power Company wanted to update their obsolete rack mounted TSI System mounted in the local panel. The user simply wanted the Vibration, Thrust and TSI Functions transmitted