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Case History: Cooling Tower #1
The Problem: A Power Company with a Combined Cycle Plant in Central Texas had a requirement to monitor their Cooling Tower Fans after a catastrophic failure occurred on one. The requirement included
Cooling Tower Fans
Cooling Tower Fans have applications in all industries. They remove heat from other materials, usually water. A cooling tower may consist of one cell or many individual cells in a single
Cooling Towers - Vibration Monitoring for Cooling Tower Fan Motors
Machinery Applications Include: Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower Fans, Cooling Towers with Jackshaft, Cooling Tower Gearbox, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Protection System, VMS
Fans & Blowers - Vibration Monitoring for Industrial Fans and Blowers
Machinery Applications Include: Industrial Fans and Blowers, FD Fan, ID Fan, PA Fan, Blower, HVAC Fan, Air Handler, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Protection System, VMS
Large Fans with Journal Bearings - Vibration Monitoring for Large Fans with Journal Bearings, FD, PA, ID FANS
Machinery Applications Include: FD Fans, Forced Draft Fans, PA Fans, Process Air Fans, ID Fans, Induced Draft Fans, Boiler Fans, Power Generation, Steam Power Plants, PdM for Fans, Fan Co
STI Customer List (Partial)
STI Customer List (Partial) A.E. Staley MFG Co. Abbott Manufacturing Inc. Abundea Corporation Accuride Corp. Advanced Micro Devices Aera Energy LLC Aero Sys
STI Customer List by Industry
STI Customer List by Industry Power Generation: Alliant Energy Ameren Energy Generating American Electric Power Basin Electric Power Coop. Bermuda Electric Light Company LTD
HMI (Human Machine Interface) Systems w/Wonderware Software
Features: World’s Most Popular HMI Machine Mimics Hard and Soft Alarms Historical and Real-Time Trending Current and Historical Alarm Lists MODBUS or Etherne
Unbalance is a very common source of high vibration that is identified by excessive levels of vibration amplitudes at a frequency that is synchronous with machine speed. Possibl
Reciprocating Compressors
Reciprocating Compressors are utilized in all manufacturing industries. Because these machines are capable of providing high pressure along with variable loading, they are fav
What is Vibration Monitoring?
Since the invention of the wheel Vibration has been an issue. Once wheels were mounted to an axle or shaft, out of roundness and unbalance became prime concerns. As the industrial revolution arrived
Case History: Power Plant Balance of Plant, BOP #1
The Problem: A Mid-Western Power Company had a requirement to permanently monitor four (4) FD (Forced Draft), five (5) ID (Induced Draft) and six (6) PA (Primary Air) Fans. The fifteen (15) Fans were
Data Collector Routes
This application note will provide a basis for creation of a Predictive Maintenance (PM) data collector route. Establishing an efficient PM data collector route is a logical process that will pro
Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP)
A Quality Rotating Machinery Predictive Maintenance (PM) Program for your facility will return your investment many times over. This type of PM Program is based on periodic vibrati
PM Program Part 2: Routes
This application note will provide a basis for creation of a Predictive Maintenance (PM) data collector route. Establishing an efficient PM data collector route is a logical pro
Case History: Coal Pulverizers
Problem: A Midwestern USA Power Company requested STI offer a solution for continuous vibration monitoring of their 6 Coal Pulverizers. They required that the vibration values be digitized and sent t
Tech Note 118: What We Need to Know!
A. Machine Train Information: If you would like us to help with the proper application of sensors to your machine we will need to know the following for each case or element of the machine train: 1.
Tech Note 122: Double Integration
Frequently we get requests for a "Displacement Output" using an Accelerometer. This is a fairly common request for Fans where the Operators are used to seeing displacement in mils or microns. Signal
Critical Machines - Machine Monitoring and Protection API-670 with Journal Bearings
Machinery Applications Include: Electric Motors, Steam Turbines, Expanders, Compressors, Blowers, Fans, Pumps, Positive Displacement Compressors, Gears, Speed Changers, Journal Bearing
Product Specific Certifications (CSA/ATEX/IECEx/CE/MTBF)
CMCP420VT Series Certificates CSA/UL Approval Documents ATEX Approval Documents IECEx Approval Documents CE Declaration CMCP422 Series Certificates CSA/UL Approval Documents CE Declaration CMCP500 Se