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Accelerometer Installation Guide
Table of Contents: Section I : Introduction Section II : Mounting Accessories Installation Tools Adhesives and Sealants Section III : Preferred Mounting L
Large Fans with Journal Bearings - Vibration Monitoring for Large Fans with Journal Bearings, FD, PA, ID FANS
Machinery Applications Include: FD Fans, Forced Draft Fans, PA Fans, Process Air Fans, ID Fans, Induced Draft Fans, Boiler Fans, Power Generation, Steam Power Plants, PdM for Fans, Fan Co
Skid Mounted Pump - Vibration Monitoring for Motor Driven Machinery with Rolling Element Bearings
Machinery Applications Include: Motors, Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, Blowers, Compressors, Skid Mounted Machinery and Chemical Injection Skids, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Pr
Tech Note 103: Accelerometer Powering with CCD Diode
When connecting a CMCP525/530 Transmitter to a Accelerometer that is already powered by another device the CCD (Constant Current Diode) should be cut to prevent overpowering of the Accelerometer by c
Tech Note 112: Vibration Severity Level ISO 10816-1
Vibration Severity Chart 10816-1 Published by ISO by Machine Class. Shaft Speed (RPM) Less than 2 , 000 Greater than 2 , 000 Mounting Drive
Tech Note 114: Double Integration of Vibration Signals
STI recommends performing double integration (Acceleration to Displacement) when required by using a CMCP793V Velocity Output Accelerometer and a CMCP535(A) Transmitter or Monitor. As each integr
Tech Note 115: Shunt Resistors
Occasionally a customer will ask us how to interface one of our Transmitters with a 4-20 mA output to a DC Input Field IO Card. What is important to understand is that even a 4-20 mA Input Card u
Journal Bearings
Industrial machinery with high horsepower and high loads, such as steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps and motors, utilize journal bearings as rotor supports.
SKF/STI Part Number Cross Index
The SKF to STI Part Number Index serves as a conversion tool to cross index part numbers of products built by STI and either currently or previously private labeled for SKF. All produc
STI Customer List (Partial)
STI Customer List (Partial) A.E. Staley MFG Co. Abbott Manufacturing Inc. Abundea Corporation Accuride Corp. Advanced Micro Devices Aera Energy LLC Aero Sys
STI Customer List by Industry
STI Customer List by Industry Power Generation: Alliant Energy Ameren Energy Generating American Electric Power Basin Electric Power Coop. Bermuda Electric Light Company LTD
Rolling Element Bearings
The basic purpose of a machine bearing is to provide a near frictionless environment to support and guide a rotating shaft. Two general bearing styles are utilized at this time: the jour
HMI (Human Machine Interface) Systems w/Wonderware Software
Features: World’s Most Popular HMI Machine Mimics Hard and Soft Alarms Historical and Real-Time Trending Current and Historical Alarm Lists MODBUS or Etherne
Custom Cabinets & Panels
STI has provided hundreds of integrated custom cabinets and panels containing a wide variety of instrumentation. SKF Condition Monitoring’s M800A, Monitor Interface Module (MIM) Multilog (LMU), Mecha
Comparing Vibration Readings
Comparing vibration level readings taken by different types of instruments and transducers can be very confusing and can lead to mistrust of the systems involved. Knowledge of how to prop
Diagnostic Techniques-Part 3
Transient analysis is the study of how various signals change during a machine's process or load change. This analysis is particularly important during a machine's startup or shutdown when critic
Shaft Eccentricity plays a very important role as part of a Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) System on large steam turbines and should be included in retro-fit plans when at all possible
Differential/Rotor Expansion
Differential Expansion (DE) and/or Rotor Expansion (RE) are very important measurements usually supplied by the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) as part of a Turbine Supervisory Instrumenta
SKF Data Sheets
Downloadable SKF Data Sheets in PDF Format Description Machine Condition Transmitter™ (MCT) CMSS530(A) and CMSS590(A) SKF Machine Condition Transmitter (MCT) CMSS500(
Unbalance is a very common source of high vibration that is identified by excessive levels of vibration amplitudes at a frequency that is synchronous with machine speed. Possibl