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Rolling Element Bearings
The basic purpose of a machine bearing is to provide a near frictionless environment to support and guide a rotating shaft. Two general bearing styles are utilized at this time: the jour
Decanters & Centrifuges - Vibration Monitoring for Decanters and Centrifuges (Rolling Element Bearings)
Machinery Applications Include: Decanter, Industrial Decanter, Worm/Screw Centrifuge, Separator, Peeler, Centrifuge, Bowl Centrifuge, Peeler Centrifuge, Industrial Centrifuge, Condition Mon
Skid Mounted Pump - Vibration Monitoring for Motor Driven Machinery with Rolling Element Bearings
Machinery Applications Include: Motors, Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, Blowers, Compressors, Skid Mounted Machinery and Chemical Injection Skids, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Pr
Tech Note 114: Double Integration of Vibration Signals
STI recommends performing double integration (Acceleration to Displacement) when required by using a CMCP793V Velocity Output Accelerometer and a CMCP535(A) Transmitter or Monitor. As each integr
Journal Bearings
Industrial machinery with high horsepower and high loads, such as steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, pumps and motors, utilize journal bearings as rotor supports.
Comparing Vibration Readings
Comparing vibration level readings taken by different types of instruments and transducers can be very confusing and can lead to mistrust of the systems involved. Knowledge of how to prop
SKF Data Sheets
Downloadable SKF Data Sheets in PDF Format Description Machine Condition Transmitter™ (MCT) CMSS530(A) and CMSS590(A) SKF Machine Condition Transmitter (MCT) CMSS500(
Accelerometer Installation Guide
Table of Contents: Section I : Introduction Section II : Mounting Accessories Installation Tools Adhesives and Sealants Section III : Preferred Mounting L
What is Vibration Monitoring?
Since the invention of the wheel Vibration has been an issue. Once wheels were mounted to an axle or shaft, out of roundness and unbalance became prime concerns. As the industrial revolution arrived
Measuring Vibration
Measuring Vibration Measuring vibration using modern vibration sensors is relatively inexpensive and easy to do! Knowing the vibration levels of rotating machinery and related accessories
Overhung Centrifugal Pump
Overhung Centrifugal Pumps are unique in that the Impeller is cantilevered outboard of the pumps bearings. This design allows for an open suction at the outboard end and reduces the number of shaft s
SKF Data Sheets (PDF)
SKF Data Sheets for Products manufactured for SKF by STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. Transmitters, Monitors, Mounting Hardware, BNC Switch Boxes, Junction Boxes and Proximity Probe Mounting Hardware.
System Response
An understanding of how a spring mass system responds to vibratory influences is helpful in understanding, recognizing and solving many problems encountered in vibration measurements. In
Acceleration Enveloping
Acceleration envelope measurements are a new introduction to the inventory available to vibration analysts. Although initially it would seem to be most useful for detecting rolling ele
Piping Vibration
Piping vibration can be an annoying problem which can consume unnecessary maintenance activity and can affect pumping system performance and endurance. The system includes the p
Accelerometer Transducers and Installation
Accelerometers have been a popular choice for rotating machinery vibration monitoring. They are a rugged, compact, light weight transducer with a wide frequency response range
Fault Detection / OK Circuits
Over the years, two methods of vibration transducer fault detection have become prominent: OK Circuits and Fault Detection Circuits. The objective of both types of fault detectio
Classification of Machines
This application note will provide a basis for selection of the machinery list of a Predictive Maintenance (PM) data collector program. Creating a PM machine list is a logical proce
Tech Note 117: ISO Standard 10816-3
Part 3: Industrial machines with normal power above 15kW and nominal speeds between 120 and 15,000 RPM when measured in situ. Second edition 2009-02-01 Classification according to machine typ
Tech Note 118: What We Need to Know!
A. Machine Train Information: If you would like us to help with the proper application of sensors to your machine we will need to know the following for each case or element of the machine train: 1.