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Case History: Marine Gearbox Monitoring
The Problem: After experiencing Gear Box failure STI was asked by the owner of a large yacht to recommend a suitable cost effective monitoring solution to monitor marine gearbox health. The Captain w
Tech Note 114: Double Integration of Vibration Signals
STI recommends performing double integration (Acceleration to Displacement) when required by using a CMCP793V Velocity Output Accelerometer and a CMCP535(A) Transmitter or Monitor. As each integr
SKF/STI Part Number Cross Index
The SKF to STI Part Number Index serves as a conversion tool to cross index part numbers of products built by STI and either currently or previously private labeled for SKF. All produc
Reciprocating Compressors
Reciprocating Compressors are utilized in all manufacturing industries. Because these machines are capable of providing high pressure along with variable loading, they are fav
Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation
Improve Reliability and Performance with a TSI from STI Vibration Monitoring STIís Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) Systems provide continuous on-line monitoring and machin
Accelerometer Installation Guide
Table of Contents: Section I : Introduction Section II : Mounting Accessories Installation Tools Adhesives and Sealants Section III : Preferred Mounting L
Case History: Cooling Tower #1
The Problem: A Power Company with a Combined Cycle Plant in Central Texas had a requirement to monitor their Cooling Tower Fans after a catastrophic failure occurred on one. The requirement included
Measuring Vibration
Measuring Vibration Measuring vibration using modern vibration sensors is relatively inexpensive and easy to do! Knowing the vibration levels of rotating machinery and related accessories
Case History: Power Plant Balance of Plant, BOP #1
The Problem: A Mid-Western Power Company had a requirement to permanently monitor four (4) FD (Forced Draft), five (5) ID (Induced Draft) and six (6) PA (Primary Air) Fans. The fifteen (15) Fans were
Case History: Coal Pulverizers
Problem: A Midwestern USA Power Company requested STI offer a solution for continuous vibration monitoring of their 6 Coal Pulverizers. They required that the vibration values be digitized and sent t
Tech Note 116: Electro-Mechanical Velocity Sensors
The base model CMCP535-100V vibration transmitter is designed for use with an IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) type velocity sensor. This type of sensor requires constant current sensor p
Tech Note 118: What We Need to Know!
A. Machine Train Information: If you would like us to help with the proper application of sensors to your machine we will need to know the following for each case or element of the machine train: 1.
Tech Note 122: Double Integration
Frequently we get requests for a "Displacement Output" using an Accelerometer. This is a fairly common request for Fans where the Operators are used to seeing displacement in mils or microns. Signal
Case History: Kinetic UPS Monitoring using HMI
Problem: The customer needed a solution for monitoring of a multiple large 2.1 mw Kinetic UPS Systems made up of a Marine Diesel Engine, Motor/Generator, Over-run Clutch and Enclosed Flywheel. The fl
Cooling Towers - Vibration Monitoring for Cooling Tower Fan Motors
Machinery Applications Include: Cooling Tower, Cooling Tower Fans, Cooling Towers with Jackshaft, Cooling Tower Gearbox, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Protection System, VMS
Decanters & Centrifuges - Vibration Monitoring for Decanters and Centrifuges (Rolling Element Bearings)
Machinery Applications Include: Decanter, Industrial Decanter, Worm/Screw Centrifuge, Separator, Peeler, Centrifuge, Bowl Centrifuge, Peeler Centrifuge, Industrial Centrifuge, Condition Mon
Fans & Blowers - Vibration Monitoring for Industrial Fans and Blowers
Machinery Applications Include: Industrial Fans and Blowers, FD Fan, ID Fan, PA Fan, Blower, HVAC Fan, Air Handler, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Protection System, VMS
Motor Pump - Vibration Monitoring for Horizontal Motor Driven Pumps
Machinery Applications Include: Horizontal Pumps with Rolling Element Bearings, API Pumps, ANSI Pumps, Centrifugal Pump, Booster Pumps, Multistage Pumps, Axial Flow Pump, Fire Pump, Indust
Skid Mounted Pump - Vibration Monitoring for Motor Driven Machinery with Rolling Element Bearings
Machinery Applications Include: Motors, Pumps, Mixers, Agitators, Blowers, Compressors, Skid Mounted Machinery and Chemical Injection Skids, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Pr
Screw Compressor - Vibration Monitoring for Screw Compressors
Machinery Applications Include: Industrial Screw Compressors, Two Stage Screw Compressors, Vane Compressors, Vacuum Compressor, Condition Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring, Protection Syst