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Balancing Kits From STI Vibration Monitoring

STI Vibration Monitoring provides for you rotating machinery balancing needs from complete CMCP800 Balancing Kits to use with your existing analyzer to individual items such as scales and balancing weights. The CMCP811 is a very popular Balancing Weight Kit and can be refilled as required. The popular CMCP Scout Pro Scale handles the weight ranges needed for your custom balancing weights. A Machinery Balancing Application Note is available under Knowledge Base - Application Notes.

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    Balancing Weight Scale
    • Superior shock resistance and overload protection
    • Easy, snap-in user installable RS232 or USB interface accessory
    • Display hold feature retains displayed weight
    • Totalization software allows summation of multiple weighing results
    Balance Weight Kit
    • 225 assorted squirrel cage type weights ranging from 0.2 oz (0.6g) to 0.46 oz (13.0g)
    • 26 Steel C-Clamp style weights ranging in size from 5/16" throat and .10 oz (2.83g) to 3/4" throat and 8.0 oz (226.8g)
    • 24 compartment container
    CMCP811 Balance Weight Kit
    Replacement Balance Weights
    CMCP811 Balance Weight Kit Replacement Weights
    CMXA50 Field Balance Kit
    • Two Accelerometers with Magnetic Bases
    • Choice of Optical or Laser Phase Reference Kit
    • 25 Foot (7.6m) Cables
    • Precision Electronic Scale
    • Large Trial Weight Kit
    • Custom Phase Probe Holder
    • Rugged Watertight Hard Carrying Case


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