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STIs comprehensive line of Vibration System Test Equipment provides you the tools you need to verify and calibrate your vibration monitoring and condition monitoring systems used on your rotating machinery. From Portable Handheld Vibration Meters to Proximity Probe Verification and Calibration Systems, STI has the tools to do the job right! STI even provides the tools to measure rotating shaft electrical and mechanical runout as required by API-670. STIs Test Equipment line is smaller, lighter and Lithium Ion battery powered, where possible, to make measurements faster, simpler and more accurate.
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Proximity Probe Calibrator CMCP-Collets

Black Anodized Aluminum
Laser Marked for Size
1/4", 3/8", M8. M10 and M14 Sizes
Fits CMCP610 and CMCP-TKPro

US MSRP: $65.00
CMCP-TKAT Portable Handheld Accelerometer and Cable Tester CMCP-TKAT Portable Handheld Accelerometer and Cable Tester

  • Verifies Sensor Bias Voltage
  • Verifies Cable Wiring
  • LED Voltage Display
  • OK, Short or Open LED Indicators
  • 9V Battery Powered
  • BNC Cable For Direct Connection
  • Test Leads for Junction Boxes
  • Includes Carry Case and Spare Battery

US MSRP: $595.00
CMCP-TKPro Shaft Rider CMCP-TKPro Shaft Rider

  • Accessory for the CMCP-TKPro
  • Allows Accelerometer Verification
  • Spring Loaded Shaft Rider System
  • Easily attaches to the CMCP-TKPro
  • Generates useful Velocity levels
CMCP-DVS Vibration Switch

US MSRP: $295.00
CMCP-TKPro Vibration Test Kit CMCP-TKPro Vibration Test Kit

  • Battery Powered
  • Li-Ion 2.6 Ah Battery
  • 82 mA Draw @ 3600 RPM
  • Smart Charger
  • 0-15 mils Dynamic Range
  • Precision Dial Micrometer
  • Variable Speed to 7000 RPM
  • Tachometer Display
  • English and Metric Versions
  • Weatherproof Travel Case
  • Plastic Feeler Gauges for Quick Gap
CMCP-TK-Pro Vibration Test Kit Data Sheet

US MSRP: $2,950.00
CMCP-TKSC Shaft Calibrator CMCP-TKSC Proximity Probe Shaft Calibrator

  • Easy to Use
  • Mounts Directly to Shaft
  • Measure Shaft or Rod Sensitivity
  • Proximity Probes up to 0.400 dia.
  • 0.50 or 12.7 mm Range
  • No-Mar Nylon Base
  • Mounting Strap Included
  • Carrying Case Included

CMCPTKSC Proximity Probe Shaft Calibrator Data Sheet

US MSRP: $695.00
CMCP601P Portable Rotor Kit CMCP601P Portable Rotor Kit

  • Portable Rotor Kit
  • Li-Ion Battery Powered
  • Power for all Sensors
  • 0-7000 RPM Variable Speed
  • LCD Tachometer
  • Phase Reference Sensor
  • Optional 2 Accelerometers V&H
  • Optional 2 Proximity Probe Systems X&Y
  • Balancing Holes and Weights
  • Battery Charger Included
  • Durable Carrying Case

US MSRP: $2,950.00
Proximity Probe Calibrator CMCP610 Proximity Probe Static Calibrator

  • Verify Probe Calibration
  • 5mm or 8mm Proximity Probes
  • 0.001" Precision Increments
  • 4140 Steel Target
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • English or Metric Available
  • 4 collets 1/4", 3/8", M8 & M10
  • Carrying Case Included

CMCP-610 Proximity Probe Static Calibrator Data Sheet

US MSRP: $595.00
Handheld Vibration Meter CMCP620V(T) Handheld Vibration Meter

  • Handheld Vibration Meter
  • Constant Current Accelerometer
  • 100 mv/g
  • Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement
  • Optional Temperature (T)
  • Lithium Battery and Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 0.8 meter Cable
  • 75 mm Spike and 12 kg Magnet
  • Automatic Alarm Check ISO10816-3
  • IP 64
  • Includes Carry Case
CMCP620V(T) Manual

US MSRP: $1,499.00
Runout Measurement Kit CMCP810 Runout Measurement Kit

  • Measure Shaft Runout
  • Electrical and Mechanical Runout
  • Oscilloscope Included
  • Optical Phase Reference Kit
  • Eddy Probe System
  • Bucking Amplifier
  • Power Supply
  • Magnetic Mounts
  • Vice Grips
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Optional Software

CMCP810 Runout Kit Data Sheet

US MSRP: $8,200.00
Runout Measurement Kit for PC CMCP810PC Shaft Runout Measurement Kit

  • PC Based 2 Ch. USB Oscilloscope
  • Software Included
  • 16 Bit Resolution (0.6 mV in 20VDC Range)
  • Eliminates using a Bucking Amplifier
  • Optical Phase Reference Kit
  • Proximity Probe System
  • -24 VDC Power Supply
  • Two Magnetic Mounts
  • Modified Vice Grips
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Optional Gauss Meter

CMCP810PC Runout Kit Data Sheet

US MSRP: $7,700.00