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STI's CMCP500 Series Din Rail Mounted Transmitters are available in 15 versions including all vibration parameters, temperature, speed, and all TSI (Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation) functions. Transmitters include OK Circuit and a Buffered BNC Connector for Portable Vibration Analyzers. With the optional Alarm Module they function as a single channel protection system with OK, Alert, and Danger Alarms. STI's CMCP500 Series are CSA/UL Class 1 Division 2 and CE approved.

CMCP500 Series From STI Vibration Monitoring
STI Vibration Monitoring is revolutionizing the world of vibration analysis equipment with CMCP500 Series Din Rail Mounted Transmitters. These state-of-the-art transmitters are the perfect solution for any industrial facility looking to improve their predictive maintenance program.
With their compact size and easy installation on standard DIN rails, the CMCP500 Series offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility. But what truly sets these transmitters apart is their advanced technology, providing accurate and reliable vibration data for any type of machinery. Say goodbye to unexpected downtime and costly repairs, and say hello to proactive maintenance with STI Vibration Monitoring's CMCP500 Series Din Rail Mounted Transmitters.

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