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Motor Fin Mounts for Accelerometers CMCP205 Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts

  • Available in Four Sizes
  • 416 SS (Magnetic)
  • Obtain Meaningful Vibration Data
The CMCP205 Motor Fin Mounts provide a mounting location for either magnetically mounted or permanently mounted accelerometers on motors where the bearing housing is not accessible. The Fin Mounts are machined from 416 SS and are adhesive mounted between the cooling fins of the motor. The CMCP205 Fin Mounts are provided in four sizes to accommodate a variety of motors and to keep the amount of required adhesive to a minimum.

CMCP205 Datasheet

US MSRP: $19.00
Adhesive Filler for Motor Fin Mounts CMCP206 Adhesive Filler For Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts - 50 ml

  • Anchors the fin mount between the motor cooling fins
  • Requires CMCP207 dispenser and CMCP208 mixing nozzles
  • For mounting CMCP205 motor fin accelerometer mounting adapters

Requires minimal surface preparation. Bonds dissimilar substrates as well as unprepared metals, ceramics, wood, and standard engineered plastics. Functional cure in 1 hour. Final bond resistant to weathering, humidity, and wide variations of temperature. 1:1 formula for easy dispensing. Creamy consistency with good gap filling capabilities. Tough fast curing structural adhesive with superior impact and peel resistance to most plastic surfaces such as ABS PVC, SMC, composites polyesters, polycarbonate, strenics, PET, fiberglass wood, concrete, ceramic and metal. CMCP206 Adhesive Filler is used to permanently mount CMCP205 Motor Fin Mounts. It is used to anchor the Fin Mount between the Cooling Fins of the Motor. Simply bottom out the proper Fin Mount and inject Adhesive Filler to fill gaps to firmly anchor. The cartridge is designed for use with the CMCP207 Dispenser and CMCP208 Mixing Nozzles.

Note: This item is classified as a Hazardous Material. For all shipment methods other than UPS Ground, there will be a $60.00 HazMat Handling Fee added at the time of shipment. This fee covers the required shipping container and all necessary paperwork.

US MSRP: $30.00
CMCP207 Adhesive Dispenser For CMCP206

  • Requires CMCP208 mixing nozzles
  • Reusable
  • 1:1 dispenser for CMCP206 Adhesive Filler
  • 4:1 Dispenser fro CMCP201C Acrylic Adhesive
Manual, hand-held applicator guns for dispensing and applying CMCP206 Adhesive Filler (1:1) for mounting CMCP205 Motor Fin Mounts and CMCP210C Acrylic Adhesives (4:1) for CMCP200 Mounting Pads. The most efficient and economical method of dispensing and applying adhesives for both repair and assembly applications. Used with CMCP206 Adhesive Filler and CMCP210C Acrylic Adhesive.

US MSRP: $75.00
CMCP208 Pack of 12 Mixing Nozzles for CMCP206, CMCP207

  • For Dispensing CMCP206
  • Requires CMCP207 Adhesive Dispenser

US MSRP: $25.00