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Motor Fin Mounts for Accelerometers CMCP205 Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts

  • Available in Four Sizes
  • 416 SS (Magnetic)
  • Obtain Meaningful Vibration Data
CMCP205 Datasheet

US MSRP: $19.00
Adhesive Filler for Motor Fin Mounts CMCP206 Adhesive Filler For Accelerometer Motor Fin Mounts - 50 ml

  • Anchors the fin mount between the motor cooling fins
  • Requires CMCP207 dispenser and CMCP208 mixing nozzles
  • For mounting CMCP205 motor fin accelerometer mounting adapters

US MSRP: $30.00
CMCP207 Adhesive Dispenser For CMCP206

  • Requires CMCP208 mixing nozzles
  • Reusable
  • 1:1 dispenser for CMCP206 Adhesive Filler
  • 4:1 Dispenser fro CMCP201C Acrylic Adhesive

US MSRP: $75.00
CMCP208 Pack of 12 Mixing Nozzles for CMCP206, CMCP207

  • For Dispensing CMCP206
  • Requires CMCP207 Adhesive Dispenser

US MSRP: $25.00