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Motor Fin Mounts
When a good spot to mount an accelerometer is not available on an electric motor, STI’s CMCP205 Motor Fin Mounts may be the perfect solution. Selecting the proper Motor Fin Mount is accomplished by measuring the depth and width of the cooling fins where you want to locate the Accelerometer. The Motor Fin Mount needs to be long enough to directly contact the motor case between the fins. CMCP206 Adhesive filler is then used to hold the Motor Fin Mount in place. The thickness of the Motor Fin Mount should allow contact at the bottom and minimize the amount of adhesive needed.
About STI Vibration Monitoring Motor Fin Mounts
STI Vibration Monitoring's Motor Fin Mounts are revolutionizing the way accelerometers are mounted for vibration monitoring. These innovative mounts not only provide a secure and stable attachment for the accelerometers, but they also reduce the risk of interference from external vibrations. With their unique design and material composition, these mounts are able to withstand extreme conditions and provide accurate readings for long-term monitoring.
As the demand for precision and reliability in industrial applications continues to rise, our Motor Fin Mounts prove to be a game-changer for ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly readjusting or replacing mounts, and hello to reliable and consistent data collection with STI Vibration Monitoring's Motor Fin Mounts.
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