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Battery Powered Portable Vibration Signal Generators with DC Voltage Offset for calibrating and verifying machinery monitoring systems are now available: The CMCP-TKSG Standard Field Generator Kit for Vibration and Displacement (Proximity Probes) and the CMCP-TKSG-M Mini for Vibration only.

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    CMCP-TKSG-M Mini Field Signal Generator Kit
    • Calibrated Acceleration and Velocity Outputs
    • BNC Female Output Connector
    • 8 Selectable RMS Outputs plus Variable Output
    • 318 Hz Fixed Signal Frequency
    • Designed for Standard Accelerometers with +24 VDC Powered Systems
    • +10 VDC Bias to replicate common sensors and to enable OK circuits
    • Lithium-Ion Battery Powered with Smart Charger for more than 18+ Hours of Runtime
    CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit
    • Calibrated Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Outputs
    • Lithium-Ion Battery Powered with Smart Charger
    • >80+ Hours of Runtime
    • BNC Female Output Connector
    • Peak to Peak and RMS Selectable
    • 318 Hz Fixed Signal Frequency
    • 10 Fixed AC Vibration Amplitude Selections plus Variable Output
    • 10 Fixed DC Gap Selections plus Variable Output
    • Works with both +24 and -24 VDC Powered Systems
    • ±10.0 VDC Bias for Accelerometers and Proximity Systems
Vibration Signal Generators From STI Vibration Monitoring
STI Vibration Monitoring has once again raised the bar with their latest release: battery-powered portable vibration signal generators. These compact yet powerful devices are designed to provide accurate and reliable vibration signals on the go, making them an essential tool for engineers, technicians, and maintenance professionals.
With the ability to generate a wide range of frequencies and amplitudes, these generators are perfect for testing and calibrating vibration sensors, analyzing machinery performance, and troubleshooting potential issues. And with the convenience of being battery-powered, they offer unparalleled portability and flexibility. Gone are bulky and cumbersome signal generators — with STI Vibration Monitoring's cutting-edge battery-powered portable vibration signal generators, life is much easier. Order today!

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