STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. is an ISO 9001 :2015 Certified Company!
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Founded in 1989 STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. is a world leader in providing vibration monitoring systems and hardware for industrial machinery predictive maintenance and condition monitoring custom products. STI specializes in low cost alternatives to “Rack Based Monitoring”, by introducing single channel transmitters and monitors for vibration, thrust position and temperature. By creating a condition monitoring system based on single channels, machine protection systems are now much more affordable and easier to maintain.

STI's CMCP500 and CMCP700 Series Din Rail Mounted Transmitters are available in 15 versions including all vibration parameters, temperature, speed and all TSI (Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation) functions. Transmitters include OK Circuit and a Buffered BNC Connector. With the optional Alarm Module they are all fully functional single channel monitors with OK, Alert and Danger Alarms. They are CSA/UL Class 1 Division 2 and CE approved.

In addition, STI offers a complete line of Accelerometers, Extension Cables, BNC Junction Boxes and Mounting Hardware to support your Condition Monitoring Program (Pdm). Save time on your current walk around program by permanently mounting Accelerometers and BNC Junction Boxes local to the machine. Improvements in Data reliability, Acquisition Time and your analysis will be immediate.

STI Standard Products

Vibration Transmitters
Vibration Monitors
Vibration Switches
Vibration Monitoring Systems
Vibration Monitoring Equipment
Vibration Test Equipment
Low Cost Accelerometers
Accelerometers, Standard, Dual Output and Triaxial
Accelerometer Mounting Hardware
Extension Cables
BNC and Switch Boxes for Portable Instruments
Proximity Probe Accessories ( Probe Holders, Brackets and Adapters )
Monitors and Transmitters (Meet API-670)
Loop Powered Transmitters (2-wire)
Proximity Probe Calibration Equipment
Shaft Electrical/Mechanical Runout Measurement Kits
Demonstration Rotor Kits

STI Custom (Integrated) Products

Customized Transmitter/Monitoring Systems per Customer Specifications
Specialized BNC Switch Boxes
Replacement OEM Rack Based Low Cost Monitoring Systems
Wireless Monitoring Systems
Machine Specific Monitoring Systems

On-Site Service

STI Vibration Monitoring can provide onsite service at any site in the United States for help with installations, system testing and troubleshooting. For more information please contact Mike Howard at mhoward@stiweb.com or by phone at 281.334.0766.