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Armored Cable Assemblies are ideal for environments where objects could damage the cable by piercing or crushing it. The new CMCP602A/603A Armored Cable Assembly series increases the mechanical protection at a low-cost point.

Armored Cable Assemblies From STI Vibration Monitoring

When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment from the damaging effects of vibration, there's no better solution than STI Vibration Monitoring's armored cable assemblies. These innovative assemblies are specifically designed to withstand the harshest industrial environments, providing unparalleled protection for your vibration analysis equipment.

With STI's expertise in vibration technology, you can trust that these cable assemblies are not only durable, but also highly effective in detecting and preventing potential equipment failures. Don't risk the safety and reliability of your machinery — choose STI's armored cable assemblies for the ultimate in vibration monitoring and protection.

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