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STI offers both Active (CMCP797) and Passive (CMCP595) DIN rail mounted Buffer Modules. Buffer Modules are used to connect multiple systems to a single sensor. The active, or passive, buffering provided prevents problems with one system affecting the other connected systems. An example would be when you wish to make use of existing sensors connected to an OEM provided control system for additional vibration monitoring or have connection points for analyzers or data collectors.

Buffer Modules From STI Vibration Monitoring

Our company offers a revolutionary solution to streamline your industrial systems by introducing buffer modules that connect multiple systems to a single sensor. At STI Vibration Monitoring, we understand the challenges and complexities of managing various systems and sensors in a manufacturing environment. Our buffer modules act as a central point of connection, allowing you to monitor and analyze data from different systems seamlessly.
With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we strive to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your operations. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple sensors and systems and let us help you streamline your processes with our innovative buffer modules. Trust us to be your partner in achieving optimal performance and productivity.

    CMCP797-2 Two Channel Active Signal Buffer
    • Two Inputs / 6 Outputs
    • Accepts Proximity Probes, Accelerometer or Velocity Sensors
    • BNC Buffered Output Per Sensor Input
    • Two Hardwired Buffered Outputs Per Input
    • 0 to 150kHz Frequency Range
    • +/- 24VDC Powered
    • Power “On” LED
    • Din Rail Mounted
    • Front Terminal or TBus® Power Wiring
    • Universal Input (Accels/proximity)

    CMCP797-2 Buffer Module Data Sheet

      Accessory Module
      • Keyphasor/Sensor Input Module
      • Provides Terminations
      • Finished Complete Look
      • BNC Output for Analyzers
      • Selectable Resistance Buffers
      • CCD for Accelerometers
      • Handles Most Sensors
      • Up to 4 Buffered Outputs
      • Selectable Bias Voltage Block
      CMCP595 Accessory Module

      CMCP300B Buffer Module
      • Four Channel Device
      • Three Outputs Per Channel
      • Compatible with Accelerometers, Eddy Probes and +/-24VDC Powered Sensors
      • BNC Buffered Output Per Channel
      • Two Buffered Outputs via Terminal Block Per Input
      • Onboard Sensor Power
      • +24V or -24VDC Power Supply Capability
      • OK Power Indicator
      • Din Rail Mountable

      CMCP300B Buffer Module


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