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These portable, handheld vibration meters are designed for operations and maintenance personnel, as well as inspectors, to swiftly check the condition of rotating machinery. The devices comply to the ISO Standard for Industrial Machines.
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    Handheld Vibration Meter
    • Handheld Vibration Meter
    • Constant Current Accelerometer
    • 100 mv/g
    • Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement
    • Optional Temperature (T)
    • Lithium Battery and Charger
    • LCD Display
    • 0.8 meter Cable
    • 75 mm Spike and 12 kg Magnet
    • Automatic Alarm Check ISO10816-3
    • IP 64
    • Includes Carry Case
    CMCP620V(T) Manual
      Handheld Vibration Pen
      • Quick and Easy to Setup and Use
      • Backlit LCD Display for Low Light Conditions
      • Lightweight, Compact and Ergonomically Designed Case
      • Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement Measurements
      • Peak Hold Function
      • Stabilization Technology to Eliminate Hand Jitter
      • 30 Hour Battery Life (Continuous Use)
      • Rechargeable Battery
      • Conforms to ISO 20816-3 and 10816-3
      • Lanyard, Travel Case, Charger, Storage Bag and ISO 20816-3 Severity Chart Included
    Portable Vibration Monitoring From STI Vibration Monitoring
    Imagine being able to accurately and easily measure vibrations on the go with just the palm of your hand. This is now possible with the revolutionary portable handheld vibration meters from STI Vibration Monitoring. These state-of-the-art meters are designed to provide precise and reliable measurements, making them a must-have tool for anyone working in industries where vibration control is crucial. With their compact size and user-friendly interface, these meters are perfect for engineers, technicians, and maintenance professionals who need to quickly assess and monitor vibration levels in various equipment and structures.
    No more bulky and complicated equipment, STI's portable handheld vibration meters are the ultimate solution for on-the-go vibration measurements. Don't compromise on accuracy and convenience, upgrade to STI's portable handheld vibration meters today.

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