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The CMCP300P Sensor Interface and Power Module can accept up to four (4) two or three wire sensors and can provide power to various Accelerometers, Proximity Probes and Speed Sensors.
The CMCP310PSB Portable Switch Box is a multiple channel connection center used to terminate the outputs of accelerometers or other transducers.
    CMCP-TKBC Bias Checker Kit
    • Small Footprint
    • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery with 13 Hours Runtime
    • Checks both Bias and Temperature Channels
    • Provides +24 VDC for unpowered Accelerometers
    • Measure Bias of Powered Accelerometers

    Sensor Power and Interface Module
    • Accepts up to Four Sensors
    • NC Signal Outputs
    • Simultaneous Connection of Accelerometers, Proximity Probes and DC Sensors
    • Onboard Constant Current Power for IEPE Sensors
    • Dual Power Supply Capabiity (+24V and -24V Operation)
    • Screw Terminals
    • Compact Design
    • Optional Battery Pack for Portable Use
    • Optional Din Rail Mounting Plate
    • Optional Din Rail Mounted Power Supply
    CMCP300P Sensor Power and Interface Module
    Accelerometer Power
    • Powers one (1) Standard Accelerometer (IEPE*)
    • Standard BNC Connectors for Input and Output
    • BNC to Terminal Adapters Provided (2)
    • Battery Powered, Standard 9V Alkaline (3)
    • AC Coupled Output
    • 3.3 mA Constant Current Diode
    • 0.5” (12.5mm) LCD Display (Battery and Accelerometer Bias)
    • 125+ Hours Battery Life (When connected to Accelerometer)
    • Small and Lightweight
    • Molded Carry Case
    • Batteries Included


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