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Electrical runout in the condition monitoring industry refers to the apparent displacement of a rotating shaft and is measured with proximity probes (eddy current sensors). The unwanted shaft movement is caused by variations in the material electrical and magnetic properties. Our Runout Kits document electrical and mechanical runout present on a shaft. Surface Irregularities, Electrical Runout, Residual Magnetism, and Residual Stress Concentrations can all contribute to shaft runout which will create erroneous readings for proximity or eddy probe systems.

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    Runout Measurement Kit for PC
    • Battery Powered Sensor Interface Module
    • Proximity Probe and Optical Sensor Power
    • Rechargeable 25.9V, 2.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery
    • -24VDC and +15VDC Sensor Power Source
    • Adjustable DC Offset Voltage
    • BNC Signal Outputs for Any Oscilloscope

    CMCP810S Runout Kit Data Sheet

    Runout Measurement Kit for PC
    • PC Based 2 Ch. USB Oscilloscope
    • Software Included
    • 16 Bit Resolution (0.6 mV in ±20VDC Range)
    • Battery Powered Sensor Interface Module
    • Optical Phase Reference Kit
    • Proximity Probe System
    • -24 VDC Power Supply
    • Two Magnetic Mounts
    • Modified Vice Grips
    • Hard Carrying Case

    CMCP810S Runout Kit Data Sheet

    Runout Measurement Kit
    • Measure Shaft Runout
    • Electrical and Mechanical Runout
    • Oscilloscope Included
    • Optical Phase Reference Kit
    • Eddy Probe System
    • Bucking Amplifier
    • Power Supply
    • Magnetic Mounts
    • Vice Grips
    • Hard Carrying Case
    • Optional Software

    CMCP810 Runout Kit Data Sheet

Electrical Runout Kits From STI Vibration Monitoring
Experience a new level of precision and efficiency with the electrical runout kits from STI Vibration Monitoring. Designed to accurately measure and analyze runout in electrical motors and machinery, these kits provide invaluable insights for maintenance and repair. With cutting-edge technology and expert engineering, STI Vibration Monitoring offers a comprehensive range of solutions to help you detect potential issues before they become costly problems.
No matter your industry, our electrical runout kits are the perfect tool to improve productivity and minimize downtime. Don't let runout go undetected — trust STI Vibration Monitoring to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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