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Side Exit Low Frequency Submersible Accelerometer Vibration Monitoring Systems

CMCP785A-LF-IP Low Frequency, Submersible, Side Exit

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Product Code: CMCP785A-LF-IP
  • Low Frequency Accelerometer
  • Side Exit, PUR Jacketed Cable
  • 500 mV/g ±10% Sensitivity
  • 284°F (140°C) Maximum Temperature
  • ±16 g Dynamic Range
  • Class 1 Division 2 Approved
  • Class 1 Division 1 Approved with IS Barrier or Isolator
  • ¼”-28 UNF or M8x1.25 Captive Mounting Bolt
  • Sealed to IP68
  • Lifetime Warranty

The CMCP785A-LF-IP Side Exit Low Frequency Accelerometer
is the most common choice when it comes to monitoring slow speed machinery in wet environments. The CMCP785A-LF-IP's side exit requires less clearance and accommodates a flush installation. The sensor is lightweight and can be use for permanent mount applications. The sensor is designed so that cross wiring will not harm the internal components and provides protection against ground loops. The CMCP785A-LF-IP is rated IP68 and is waterproof of up to 100 Meter. The high sensitivity of 500 mV/g focuses on the amplitudes in the lower frequency regions.
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