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Electromechanical devices, like accelerometers, can be tested with the CMCP-TKAT Portable Handheld Accelerometer and Cable Tester. The battery powered, portable device is designed to enable installation engineers to verify accelerometers and plant cabling in vibration monitoring systems. The CMCP-TKAT can be connected to multi-channel switch boxes, like the CMCP310PSB Portable Switch Box, via a BNC to BNC coaxial lead, or to junction box terminals by use of the BNC lead adapter and the test probes provided.
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CMCP312PSB Portable Switchbox CMCP310PSB Portable Switch Box

  • Accepts up to 8 Inputs
  • BNC or Pluggable Terminal Block Inputs
  • BNC Output with Selector Switch
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Housing
  • Compact and Portable
  • Increases Data Collection Time
  • 4.4"x4.2"x2.0" (111x106x50mm)

CMCP-TKAT Portable Handheld Accelerometer and Cable Tester CMCP-TKAT Portable Handheld Accelerometer and Cable Tester

  • Verifies Sensor Bias Voltage
  • Verifies Cable Wiring
  • LED Voltage Display
  • OK, Short or Open LED Indicators
  • 9V Battery Powered
  • BNC Cable For Direct Connection
  • Test Leads for Junction Boxes
  • Includes Carry Case and Spare Battery

CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit

Lithium-Ion Battery Powered with Smart Charger
>80+ Hours of Runtime
Calibrated Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Outputs
BNC Female Output Connector
Peak to Peak and RMS Selectable
318 Hz Fixed Signal Frequency
10 Fixed AC Vibration Amplitude Selections plus Variable Output
10 Fixed DC Gap Selections plus Variable Output
0 to -20.0 VDC DC Range
Works with both +24 and -24 VDC Powered Systems
10.0 VDC Bias for Accelerometers and Proximity Systems