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CMCP700 Series and the CMCP1100 Series Low Cost 100 mv/g Industrial Accelerometers are manufactured to high quality standards. Each accelerometer is fully enclosed in a 316 Stainless Steel case. CMCP1100 Accelerometers, with the three standard length integral cables of 5, 10 and 20 meters and CMCP700 Series with Lifetime Warranty are always in stock ready for quick delivery. Other cable lengths and custom configurations are available to fit your exact specifications. With over 40,000 Sold, the CMCP1100 Low Cost Accelerometer has proven its reliability in industrial rotating machinery installations worldwide

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Low Cost / Economical Accelerometers
General Purpose Industrial Accelerometers (±10% Accuracy, Rated to 140°C)
Premium Industrial Accelerometers (±5% Accuracy, Rated to 150°C)
Compact Size Accelerometers
Dual Output Accelerometers (Vibration and Temperature)
Low Frequency Accelerometers (Frequency Response Down to 0.2Hz)
Triaxial Accelerometers (Three Outputs)
Piezo-Velocity Sensors (Output in in/s or mm/s)
High Temperature Charge Mode Accelerometers (Rated to 200°C)
Negative Voltage Powered Accelerometers (OEM Replacement)

About Industrial Accelerometers From STI Vibration Monitoring

Industrial accelerometers are precision instruments designed to help measure and monitor the vibration levels of machinery and equipment used in various industrial applications. These accelerometers are crucial in detecting potential faults, such as misalignment, imbalance, or bearing wear, allowing for early intervention and preventative maintenance. With their durable construction and sensitivity precision, our industrial accelerometers provide accurate and reliable data, enabling industries to optimize operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and enhance productivity.

Why STI Vibration Monitoring?

STI Vibration Monitoring offers a wide range of industrial accelerometers that meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Equipped with advanced features, our accelerometers provide precise measurements across a wide frequency range, allowing for comprehensive vibration analysis and effective condition monitoring. Trust STI Vibration Monitoring for top-notch industrial accelerometers that deliver essential insights for proactive equipment maintenance and increased machinery reliability.

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