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Individual BNC Junction Boxes provide a miniature quick connect connector (BNC) for each sensor, often accelerometers. Typically, the Boxes are installed close to the machine and hence present a quick and safe way to access the sensor signals. Different sizes (number of BNC’s) and different enclosure materials, like stainless steel, painted steel and fiberglass, are available.
Individual BNC Junction Boxes From STI Vibration Monitoring
Individual BNC junction boxes have revolutionized the world of connectivity, providing a compact and efficient solution for organizing and managing multiple cables. These versatile boxes are designed to accommodate various types of BNC connectors, making them a must-have for a quick and convenient point for data collection.
When you order from STI Vibration Monitoring, you can rest assured that our junction boxes offer the perfect solution for all your wiring needs. With their sleek and sturdy design, they not only provide a clutter-free space but also ensure maximum protection for your cables. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a seamless and organized setup with individual BNC junction boxes. Place your order with STI Vibration Monitoring today!

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