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STI manufactures Rotor Kits for laboratory, demonstration and training purposes for both Journal Bearings and Rolling Element Bearings. The CMCP600 Bearing Fault Demonstrator demonstrates Rolling Element Bearing (REB) or Ball Bearing failures such as inner race, outer race, ball spin and cage faults. Used with Proximity Probes the CMCP601 Rotor Kit demonstrates Journal or Smooth Bore Bearing and Shaft behavior such as unbalance, misalignment, rubs and critical speeds.
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Demonstration Rotor Kit CMCP601 Demonstration Rotor Kit

The CMCP601 Rotor Kits were developed as a small working example of a real machine where vibration signals may be simulated under realistic circumstances. Both short (single critical) and long based (two criticals) rotor kits are available as an option. A variety of transducers may be installed to provide vibration signals. These signals may be used to train vibration analysts or maintenance personnel to troubleshoot actual vibration transducer systems or vibration signals.

CMCP601 Demonstration Rotor Kit Data Sheet

Bearing Fault Demonstrator CMCP600 Bearing Fault Demonstrator

The CMCP600 is designed to demonstrate Vibration measurement techniques that illustrate bearing fault analysis in rolling element bearings. Simple to use, the CMCP-600 provides fast, reliable and repeatable results. The included fault bearing has a 0.004" outer race flaw. Accelerometers easily mount to the bearing housing for desktop demonstration of data collection and vibration analysis techniques. Excellent for displaying demodulation or Acceleration Enveloping vibration analysis.

CMCP600 Bearing Fault Demonstrator Data Sheet

Battery Powered Vibration Rotor Kit, Demonstration Rotor Kit CMCP601M Mini Battery Powered Rotor Kit

The CMCP601M Battery Powered Mini Rotor Kit is designed for easy transport, setup, and use. With a long battery life of 10+ hours, it makes it easy to demonstrate and train in the use vibration sensors such as Proximity Probes, Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors using Vibration Analyzers or other Monitoring Systems. To extend runtime the charger may be used concurrently with the battery.

CMCP601M Demonstration Rotor Kit Data Sheet

Battery Powered Reciprocating Compressor Kit, Vibration CMCP601R Portable Reciprocating Compressor Kit

The CMCP601R Battery Powered Mini Reciprocating Compressor kit which is designed for easy transport and use. The CMCP601R is designed to demonstrate vibration monitoring techniques used on Reciprocating Machinery. The CMCP601R can be fully equipped with accelerometers and proximity probes to demonstrate motor, gear, crosshead, rod drop, rod runout and cylinder vibration monitoring.

CMCP601R Datasheet

CMCP601P Portable Rotor Kit CMCP601P Portable Rotor Kit

  • Portable Rotor Kit
  • Li-Ion Battery Powered
  • Power for all Sensors
  • 0-7000 RPM Variable Speed
  • LCD Tachometer
  • Phase Reference Sensor
  • Optional 2 Accelerometers V&H
  • Optional 2 Proximity Probe Systems X&Y
  • Balancing Holes and Weights
  • Battery Charger Included
  • Durable Carrying Case

Proximity Probe Calibrator CMCP-Collets

Black Anodized Aluminum
Laser Marked for Size
1/4", 3/8", M8, M10, and M14 Sizes

Sensor Power and Interface Module CMCP300P Sensor Power and Interface Module

  • Accepts up to Four Sensors
  • NC Signal Outputs
  • Simultaneous Connection of Accelerometers, Proximity Probes and DC Sensors
  • Onboard Constant Current Power for IEPE Sensors
  • Dual Power Supply Capabiity (+24V and -24V Operation)
  • Screw Terminals
  • Compact Design
  • Optional Battery Pack for Portable Use
  • Optional Din Rail Mounting Plate
  • Optional Din Rail Mounted Power Supply
CMCP300P Sensor Power and Interface Module