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Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) Systems provide continuous on-line monitoring and machine protection for steam and gas turbine generator sets. The TSI system measures a variety of supervisory parameters to provide reliable machine condition information and alert to any machinery problems. STI’s method of using a modular, distributive monitoring approach, coupled with utilizing existing plant networks where possible, result in an extremely cost-effective solution for monitoring a turbine generator set.
CMCP547 Transmitter for Differential Expansion: Differential expansion on a turbine is the relative Proximity Probe (Eddy Probe) measurement of the rotor’s axial thermal growth with respect to the case.
CMCP548 Transmitter for Case Expansion: Case Expansion is the relation of the shell or case in relation to its foundation. Turbine generator sets are tied down at one end and allowed to thermally expand at the other. An LVDT is used to measure this thermal growth, which on large machines can be several inches.
CMCP549 Transmitter for Valve Position: Valve position is measured with a LVDT observing the camshaft rotation. It is an indicator of turbine load when the machine is on-line.
CMCP585 Transmitter for Eccentricity: Eccentricity is the measurement of Rotor Bow at slow roll by a Proximity Probe (Eddy Probe). It may be caused by any or a combination of a fixed mechanical bow, misalignment, temporary thermal bow, or a gravity bow.

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