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STI offers a full line of speed sensors for permanent and portable use.
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CMCP242, CMSS 5030K CMCP242 Laser/Optical Sensor for Data Collectors

  • Operating Frequency up to 250,000 RPM
  • 5VDC Powered
  • Compatible with Emerson 2130/2140 and SKF Microlog Series
  • 6.5 (2m) Optical Sensing Distance
  • Wide Angle Operation (80)
  • On Target Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Optional Bracket and Tripod for Smooth Body Option
  • Optional Cable Assembly

US MSRP: $700.00
Proximity Speed Sensor for Machinery CMCP240 Proximity Switch

  • Phase/Speed Sensor
  • Inductive Proximity
  • M12x1 Thread, 48 mm Long
  • LED Sense Indicator
  • Shielded Potted Metal Body
  • 2 mm Detection
  • 12-24 VDC Power
  • 2 meter 3-Wire Integral Cable
  • Wrench Flats

US MSRP: $150.00
CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Speed Sensor CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Speed Sensor

CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Probe is for use as a speed pickup for our CMCP-TACH3 Panel Mounted Tachometer.


US MSRP: $160.00
Intrinsacally Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor CMCP3070A Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor

This sensor is specifically engineered for use in gas, oil and petrochemical industry applications. It is an explosion-proof design and UL approved for Class I - Group A,B,C,D hazardous locations. Class II - Group E,F and G

US MSRP: $800.00