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STI offers a full line of speed sensors for permanent and portable use.
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CMCP242, CMSS 5030K CMCP242 Laser/Optical Sensor for Data Collectors

  • Operating Frequency up to 250,000 RPM
  • 5VDC Powered
  • Compatible with Emerson 2130/2140 and SKF Microlog Series
  • 6.5 (2m) Optical Sensing Distance
  • Wide Angle Operation (80)
  • On Target Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Optional Bracket and Tripod for Smooth Body Option
  • Optional Cable Assembly

Proximity Speed Sensor for Machinery CMCP240 Proximity Switch

  • Phase/Speed Sensor
  • Inductive Proximity
  • M12x1 Thread, 48 mm Long
  • LED Sense Indicator
  • Shielded Potted Metal Body
  • 2 mm Detection
  • 12-24 VDC Power
  • 2 meter 3-Wire Integral Cable
  • Wrench Flats

CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Speed Sensor CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Speed Sensor

CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Probe is for use as a speed pickup for our CMCP-TACH3 Panel Mounted Tachometer.


Intrinsacally Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor CMCP3070A Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor

This sensor is specifically engineered for use in gas, oil and petrochemical industry applications. It is an explosion-proof design and UL approved for Class I - Group A,B,C,D hazardous locations. Class II - Group E,F and G