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CMXA50 Field Balance Kit

CMCP850 Balancing Accessory Kit

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Product Code: CMCP850
  • Two Accelerometers with Magnetic Bases
  • Choice of Optical or Laser Phase Reference Kit
  • 25 Foot (7.6m) Cables
  • Precision Electronic Scale
  • Large Trial Weight Kit
  • Custom Phase Probe Holder
  • Rugged Watertight Hard Carrying Case
The CMCP850 Series Portable Field Balancing accessory kit contains all the accessories necessary to perform in place field balancing of rotating machinery. The CMCP850 Kit includes accelerometers, magnetic bases, cables, adapters, trial weight kit, a precision electronic balance scale, and more, all packaged in a rugged, watertight, hard case that makes balancing easier and more accurate. A variety of adapters are included so that you can connect your analyzer to other sensor sources such as on-line systems and velocity probes. The CMCP850 is a complete kit and is compatible with either the SKF Microlog Series or Emerson/CSI 2130/2140 analyzers.

The Universal Connector Kit features cables with industry standard BNC connectors which can interface with any balancing system. In short, all you need to add is a portable analyzer and you are ready to balance pumps, fans, motors, couplings, small turbines and more. Field balancing kits are available with either a battery powered optical or laser phase kits or analyzer powered Optical/Laser kit which can connect directly to your analyzers phase input.

CMCP850 Data Sheet

Included in Each Kit:

CMSS 6155K-0-W Optical Phase Reference Kit OR
CMSS 619K-0-W Laser Phase Reference Kit
Watertight Hard Carrying Case
CMSS 6160 Printer Adaptor
600 gram Digital Scale
CMCP 630 Two Channel A/B Switch
CMSS 2100 Accelerometers (2 each)
CMCP 625 2-Pin 5015 to BNC Adaptor (2 each)
25’ BNC/BNC Cables (A and B) (2 each)
25’BNC/BNC Cable (Phase)
CMSS 908-MD Magnet (Accels) (2 each)
CMSS 6156 Magnet and Goose Neck Kit
Custom Vise Grips M8 Thread
Set of Assorted Balance Weights
Banana to BNC Adaptor (3 each)
Hex Key Set
Tape Measure (English/Metric)
6” Stainless Steel Rule
6” 180* Protractor
Clip Board with Storage

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