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Case History: Marine Gearbox Monitoring
Last Updated: 05/10/2017

Marine Gearbox Monitoring

The Problem:

After experiencing Gear Box failure STI was asked by the owner of a large yacht to recommend a suitable cost effective monitoring solution to monitor marine gearbox health. The Captain wanted visible display of the vibration values for both gearboxes in the cockpit for peace of mind. 24VDC power was available from existing system. If required 24VDC can be derived from any power system using a DC to DC converter.

The Solution:

STI offered two (2) CMCP1100 Accelerometers, one for each gearbox input bearing wired to two (2) CMCP530 Velocity Transmitters located in the engine room. CMCP510 Bright Red LED Displays were mounted in the cockpit dashboard. The CMCP530 Transmitter integrates the acceleration signals from the CMCP1100 Accelerometers to Velocity terms in in/sec. So as not to violate any warrant by drilling and tapping the gearbox directly the accelerometers were stud mounted to a custom mounting block Epoxy mounted to the gears input bearing. ISO 10816 provided excellent data to compare vibration readings to.

The Captain called us after installation to tell us he had high readings after hitting one of the propellers on some rocks. Turned out he bent the propeller shaft and was able to nurse back to port with no additional damage other than shaft repair.

The Captain prepared the following image to aid in installation:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning marine gearbox monitoring. We are at your service.

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