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Tech Note 106: Recalibrating CMCP505 Digital Displays >01/01/07
Last Updated: 05/10/2017
Recalibrating CMCP505 Digital DisplaysCMCP505 Displays sold after 01/01/07 may be calibrated in the field for a full scale display reading of 00.1 to 1.000. Displays are calibrated at the factory per order requirements. If the full scale range of the CMCP500 Series Monitor is changed in the field the display must be recalibrated to the new full scale range.For CMCP505 displays sold prior to 01/01/07 the R2 fixed resistor must be changed.

Using a 5.00 VDC source simply rotate R Clockwise to increase the full scale display amount and counterclockwise to decrease the display amount. The display can be adjusted from 001 to 1000. R3 can be used for trimming if necessary and is accessible through hole in lower left of board.

Decimal location is changed by moving the jumper located in lower right corner when viewing back of display. Decimal position can be selected in any of three (3) positions, 00.0, 0.00 and 0.000. The following should be used as a guide to prevent to high of resolution and rapidly changing digits.

Engineering Unit and Decimal Points:

in/sec = 0.00 (hundredths)
mm/sec = 00.0 (tenths)
mils = 00.0 (tenths)
microns = 000 (none)
temperature = 000

If a 5.00 VDC supply is not readily available the voltage output of the CMCP500 Monitor can be used. Using the front selector switch select "Danger" for the danger alarm set point. Increase the set point to 5.00 VDC using a quality digital voltmeter. Adjust display as above then reset danger set point.

CMCP505 LED Display

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