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CMCP244 Remote Laser Speed Sensor

CMCP244 Datasheet
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Product Code: CMCP244
The CMCP244 is packaged in a rugged 316L stainless steel housing and is rated for IP67 environments. Typically optical speed sensors require atmospheres that are clean and free of mist, steam, dirt, oil, and other contaminants in order to function properly, there are times when contamination can occur accidentally. Our Rugged Laser Sensor will survive these unintended episodes. Just clean off the laser and detector windows and your up and running again. The CMCP244 utilizes a watertight M12 connector that facilitates easy removal for cleaning. With an operating range of up to 25 ft. [7.6 m], the CMCP244 can be used in applications where close proximity isn’t convenient or safe. The laser light source makes setup incredibly easy. Simply aim the laser at a reflective tape or high-contrast target and you’re ready to start measuring. The sensor has a built-in On-Target Indicator to confirm that the sensor is detecting the target. The CMCP244 is compatible with our CMCP605M cable assemblies for permanent installations, or our CMCP665/667 series cables for data collectors.

CMCP244 Datasheet

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