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CMCP793V Top Exit Velocity Transducer

CMCP793V Velocity Transducer
Product Code: CMCP793V
The CMCP793V Piezoelectric Velocity Sensor are measurement devices that are used to examine vibration signals in terms of velocity (in/sec) to amplify the signal of interest. The CMCP793V inherently decreases high frequency signals allowing better measurement of low frequency vibration. The CMCP793V sensor is essentially an accelerometer with an internal integration circuit which will produce an output relative to velocity. The CMCP793V is the ideal accelerometer for use on most types of rotating equipment. The CMCP793V is lightweight and can be used for magnet or permanent mount applications. The sensor is designed so that cross wiring will not harm the internal components and provides protection against ground loops. The CMCP793V is waterproof and can be hosed down or submersed when using the proper extension cable such as the CMCP602 series.

The CMCP793V is stocked in the industry standard 100 mV/In/Sec sensitivity, an optional 500 mV/In/Sec version is available.
See datasheet for additional details.

Sensitivity: 100 or 500 mV/in/sec ±10%
Frequency Response (±3dB): 2 Hz to 6 kHz (120 cpm to 260k cpm)
Dynamic Range: ±40 In/Sec
Power Requirements: 18-30 VDC
Temperature Range: -67 to 284°F (-55 to 140°C)
Settling Time: 1 Second
Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
Connector: 2 Pin MIL-C-5015

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CMCP793V Velocity Transducer

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