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CMCP-ET Ethernet Field IO

CMCP-ADC - Ordering Page

Product Code: CMCP-ADC
CMCP-ADC Modules are available in 16 and 32 Channel. Customer choice of Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RS485/232. Field IO Modules are approved for installation in Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Areas. Modules are 24 VDC powered and use a 100 Ohm Shunt Resistor/Fuse.

Product CodeNameMSRPQty
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-16AI<!001>CMCP-ADC-16AI A to D Converter, Modbus TCP/IP, RS485, 16 Channel, 4-20mA InputMSRP:$1,800.00
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-32AI<!002>CMCP-ADC-32AI A to D Converter, Modbus TCP/IP, RS-485, 32 Channel, 4-20mA InputMSRP:$2,100.00
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-32VI<!003>CMCP-ADC-32VI A to D Converter, Modbus TCP/IP, RS-485, 32 ChannelMSRP:$2,100.00
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-16TC<!004>CMCP-ADC-16TC A to D Converter, 16 Channel Thermocouple Input, Type J,K,E,R,T,C,N, or SMSRP:$1,800.00
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-16RTD<!005>CMCP-ADC-16RTD A to D Converter, 10 Channel RTD Input, 100 Ohm PlatinumMSRP:$1,800.00
Product Code:CMCP-ADC-16RELAY<!006>CMCP-ADC-16RELAY A to D Converter, 16 Channel Isolated Relay Output, 10-30VDC/VAC, 1 Amp per OutputMSRP:$1,800.00

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