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Painted Steel Nema 4 Enclosure

CMCP9100PS Basic Painted Steel Enclosures

CMCP9100 Basic Enclosures
Product Code: CMCP9100PS-00-00
  • For up to two IMx's
  • With DIN-Rail
  • Ground Bar
  • Painted Steel (ANSI 61 Powder Coated)
  • Continuous Hinge and Clamps
  • NEMA 4, IP67
Designed for use as an enclosure for the SKF On-Line System IMx-8 and IMx-16.
Other instruments can be fitted as well.
The housing is constructed from 14-gauge mild steel and are supplied with DIN-Rail and a Ground Bar. Powder coated on the inetrior and exterior surfaces.
Meets NEMA Type 4, and IP67 requirements.

CMCP9100 Basic Enclosures

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