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Liquid Tight Strain Relief

CMCP261 Liquid Tight Strain Relief Connectors

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Cable Size
Cable Size:
Product Code: CMCP261
  • Single Cable
  • Liquid Tight Strain Relief
  • Environmental Sealing
  • -40° to 212° F (-60° to 100° C)
  • 6 Sizes
  • 150 PSIG Pressure Rating
Liquid Tight Strain Relief Connectors are used for making direct accelerometer or transducer extension cable entries into the BNC Junction Boxes listed above. Long cable runs or cables other than the actual extension cable should be installed in conduit. Connectors are constructed of Polyamide and provide both environmental sealing and strain relief. The connectors are temperature rated to -40° to 212° F (-60° to 100° C). The connectors have a pressure rating of up to 150 PSIG.
Part NumberCable RangeThreadClearance Hole (A)Body Length (B)Thread Length (C)Wrenching Flats (D)
CMCP261-01 0.059" to 0.12" (1.5mm to 5mm)PG 70.49" (12.5mm)1.26" (32mm)0.32" (8mm)1 19/32" (15mm)
CMCP261-02 0.1" to 0.31" (2.5mm to 8mm)PG 90.60" (15.2mm)1.38" (35mm)0.32" (8mm)1 3/4" (19mm)
CMCP261-03 0.2" to 0.47" (5mm to 12mm)PG 13.50.80" (20.3mm)1.54" (39mm)0.355" (9mm)1 61/64" (24mm)
CMCP261-04 0.275" to 0.55" (7mm to 14mm)PG 160.88" (22.3mm)1.7" (43mm)0.39" (10mm)1 5/64" (27mm)
CMCP261-05 0.35" to 0.70" (9mm to 18mm)PG 211.12" (28.4mm)1.99" (50mm)0.43" (11mm)1 5/16" (33mm)
CMCP261-06 0.55" to 0.984" (14mm to 25mm)PG 291.47" (37.3mm)2.08" (53mm)0.43" (11mm)1 21/32" (42mm)

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