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SKF Data Sheets (PDF)
Last Updated: 05/18/2017
SKF Data Sheets for Products manufactured for SKF by STI Vibration Monitoring Inc. Transmitters, Monitors, Mounting Hardware, BNC Switch Boxes, Junction Boxes and Proximity Probe Mounting Hardware.

Machine Condition Transmitter™ (MCT) CMSS530(A) and CMSS590(A)
SKF Machine Condition Transmitter (MCT) CMSS500(A) Series
CMCP101/102 BNC Output Panels
CMCP140/150 NEMA 4 and 4X Enclosures
Accelerometer Mounting Accessories
CMCP203 Pipe Thread Mounting Adaptor
CMCP205 Motor Fin Mounts
CMCP210 Acrylic Adhesive Bypacs
CMCP240 Proximity Probe Speed Sensor
CMCP 240 Proximity Speed Sensor Installation Instructions
CMCP245 Geartooth Speed and Direction Sensor
CMCP265 Series NEMA 4 and 4X Termination Enclosures
CMCP 280 API 670 Accelerometer Housing
CMCP300 BNC Junction Boxes
CMCP310 Switchable BNC Junction Boxes
CMCP400 Series Instrument Cable
CMCP420VT Vibration Transmitter
CMCP420LED Wiring
CMCP420VT-T Dual Parameter 2-Wire Transmitter
CMCP420VT Vibration Transmitter (with Dimensions)
CMCP500 Low Cost Monitor System
CMCP500 Series Transmitters/Monitors
CMCP500 Series Sample System Enclosures
CMCP505 0-5 VDC, 24 VDC Powered 3 1/2 Digit Meter
CMCP510 4-20 mA Loop-Powered 3 1/2 Digit Meter
CMCP515 DIN-Rail Mount 24 VDC Power Supplies
CMCP525(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP530(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP535(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP540(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP545(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP547(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP548(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP549(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP560(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP570(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP560(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP565(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP575 Speed Transmitter
CMCP575 Speed Transmitter (with PO Option)
CMCP580(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP585(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMSS590(A) Series Transmitter/Monitor
CMCP600 Bearing Fault Demonstrator
CMCP601 Rotor Kit
CMCP602H and CMCP603H High Temp Accelerometer Extension Cables
CMCP602L and CMCP603L Accelerometer Extension Cables
CMCP603L and CMCP603H 3-Pin Accelerometer Extension Cables
CMCP604 Low Cost Accelerometer Extension Cables
CMCP610 Eddy Probe Calibrator
CMCP625 2-Pin to BNC Adapter
CMCP630 Two Channel (A/B) Adapter

CMCP800 Microlog Field Balancing Kit

CMCP801/805 Eddy Probe Mounting Accessories
CMCP810 Runout Measurement Kit
CMCP810 Runout Measurement Kit Instructions
CMCP811 Balancing Weight Starter Kit
CMCP1000 Dual Limit Single Channel Vibration Monitor
CMCP1100 General Purpose Industrial Accelerometer
CMCP1100 Accelerometer Mounting Instructions
CMCP1210 RTD & Thermocouple Tip Sensitive, Spring Loaded Sensors for Rolling Element Bearings
CMCP1210 RTD & Thermocouple Tip Sensitive, Spring Loaded Sensors for Rolling Element Bearings with Cast Iron Head
CMCP1210 Spring Loaded Bearing Temperature Sensor Instructions
CMCP4190 Eddy Probe Mounting Adapter
CMCP5000 Condition Monitoring System
CMCP5019 19” Rack-Mounted Retrofit 10-Channel Monitor
CMCP5301 and CMCP5302 1 and 2 Channel General Machinery Monitors
CMCP5304 4 Channel General Machinery Monitor
CMCP-LVDT Spring Loaded Displacement Sensor
CMCP-LVDT-51A Linear Variable Differential Transformer
CMCP-LVDT-51A Linear Variable Differential Transformer Installation Manual
CMCP-LVDT-AC Spring Loaded Displacement Sensor
CMCP-DC2000 Digital Data-logging Display
CMCP260, 265, 300 and 310 Termination, Junction and Switch Box Instructions
HMI (Human Machine Interface) Systems With Wonderware Software
CMCP-OS2400-485 Industrial RS-485 Radio
CMCP-OS2400-ETHERNET Industrial Ethernet Radio
CMCP-P5-11 Proximity Speed Sensor for CMCP-TACH3
CMCP Product Catalog
CMCP-TACH3 Programmable Digital Tachometer
CMCP-TACH3-XP Explosion Proof Tachometer
CMCP-VALVE Rotary Potentiometer Valve Position Transducer

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