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API-670 Accelerometer Housing

CMCP280 API-670 Accelerometer Housing

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CMCP280 Options
CMCP280 Options:
Product Code: CMCP280
  • API-670/678 Sensor Housing
  • Sensor Mounts Direct to Machine
  • Base and Cover
  • Bottom Gasket
  • 1.25" Hole in Bottom
  • 4 ea. Mounting Bolts
The CMCP280 case mount accelerometer housing provides physical and environmental protection for several sensors when permanently mounted. Its use is primarily designed for installations where the accelerometer is prone to damage from adverse conditions. When properly installed the CMCP280 meets API 678 standards. The mounting kit includes a dome cover, a mounting base with a single 3/4” NPT conduit connection, a neoprene base gasket, O-ring gasket for the cover, mounting bolts, washers, and one (1) 1/2” NPT reducing bushing. The kit does not include the accelerometer. The CMCP280 will accommodate any sensor that has a diameter less than 1.25” and an installed height of less than 4.75”. Mounting Hole Size-(4) 0.275". Four (4) Cap Screws Provided are 1/4"x20 3/4" long.
CMCP280 API-670 Accelerometer Housing

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