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Accessory Module
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CMCP595 Passive Buffer and Accessory Module

CMCP595 Accessory Module
Product Code: CMCP595
  • Keyphasor/Sensor Input Module
  • Buffered Outputs
  • Provides Terminations
  • Finished Complete Look
  • BNC Output for Analyzers
  • Selectable Resistance Buffers
  • CCD for Accelerometers
  • Handles Most Sensors
  • Up to 4 Buffered Outputs
  • Selectable Bias Voltage Block
The CMCP595 Accessory Module is designed to handle several interfaces including, Keyphasor, Accelerometers, 3-Wire Sensors and as a 4-Way Passive Buffer for vibration signals. The CMCP595 provides termination point and power routing in a matching CMCP500 Series enclosure.

The unit provides a BNC Connector for Portable Analyzers. By changing internal jumpers the CMCP595 Accessory Module can be configured as a: Keyphasor Module (Eddy Probe -24 VDC) Keyphasor Module (Hall, Inductive, Proximity +24 VDC) Accelerometer Module (Accelerometers using Constant Current Diode) 3-Wire Sensor 4-Way Passive Buffer Module

The CMCP595 Module is very versatile and can be used for many more functions as the need arises. Passive Buffers can be individually selected as 0 Ohms, 100 Ohms, 1k Ohm or 10k Ohms. A "Bias Blocker Jumper" is provided to remove Bias voltages from Signals if required.

Caution: Be sure Constant Current Diode (CCD) is in the circuit when powering Accelerometers. Damages to the Accelerometer will occur with direct power.

Documents Available:
CMCP595 Accesory Module Data SheetCMCP595 Accesory Module Manual

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