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SKF Microlog Cable

CMVA 90 Microlog Coiled Triaxial Cables

CMCP Cables for CMVA 90 Microlog Datasheet
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Side B Connector (Sensor Side):
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Safety Breakaway:
Product Code: CMCP667S-6PINF
  • For the New SKF Microlog CMVA 90
  • 6-PIN Fischer Connector (103) on Side A
  • 4/5-PIN M12 for Standard Triaxial Accelerometer on Side B
  • or 4 Socket Bayonet Connector on Side B
  • Sturdy Coiled Cable, UV and Oil Resistant
  • Epoxy Encapsulated Connector
  • IP67 and IP68 Rated Connectors
CMCP Cables for CMVA Microlog Datasheet

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