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STI is committed to providing our customers with new, innovative products to help enhance machine reliability. Below you will find a few of the new products which STI has recently released.
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CMCP-DVS-GP Digital Vibration Switch CMCP-DVS-GP Digital Vibration Switch, General Purpose

  • Rugged Enclosure, Rated IP68
  • Programmable
  • 2 to 2,000 Hz
  • 2 levels of Alarm
  • Red 0.5” LED Display
  • 5 Amp 230 VAC Relays
  • Programmable Time Delay
  • Latching or Non Latching Alarms
  • Internal IEPE Accelerometer
  • True RMS Velocity
CMCP-DVS-GP Vibration Switch

Display and Relay Module for Voltage or Current Output Sensors CMCP730D Relay and Display Module

  • Universal Display and Relay Module
  • Accepts Voltage, Current, RTD or Thermocouple Inputs
  • Compatible with any 4-20mA Sensor or Transmitter
  • Local LCD Display
  • Local Alert and Danger Indicators
  • 4-20mA or Voltage Output
  • Two Relay Outputs
  • Latching or Non-Latching Relays
  • Adjustable Time Delay

CMCP730D Datasheet

Quick Access BNC Box CMCP305PS Quick Access Series BNC Box

  • Low Cost Sensor Connection Box
  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum Housing
  • 2 to 4 BNC Outputs
  • Isolated Inputs/Outputs
  • Screw Terminal Connection
  • Optional Cable Glands
CMCP305PS Quick Access BNC Box Data Sheet

CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit CMCP-TKSG Field Signal Generator Kit

• Lithium-Ion Battery Powered with Smart Charger
• >80+ Hours of Runtime
• Calibrated Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement Outputs
• BNC Female Output Connector
• Peak to Peak and RMS Selectable
• 318 Hz Fixed Signal Frequency
• 10 Fixed AC Vibration Amplitude Selections plus Variable Output
• 10 Fixed DC Gap Selections plus Variable Output
• 0 to -20.0 VDC DC Range
• Works with both +24 and -24 VDC Powered Systems
• ±10.0 VDC Bias for Accelerometers and Proximity Systems


CMCP700S, Slim Line, Dual output vibration and temperature transmitter CMCP700S-CVT Case Vibration and Temperature Transmitter

  • Three Outputs
  • 4-20mA Output for Vibration (Acceleration or Velocity)
  • 4-20mA Output for Temperature
  • Buffered Sensor Output (AC Signal)
  • Selectable Low Pass Filter
  • Selectable Full Scale Range
  • Selectable English or Metric Units
  • Din Rail Mountable

CMCP700S-CVT Datasheet

CMCP300B Buffer Module CMCP300B Four Channel Passive Buffer Module

  • Four Channel Device
  • Three Outputs Per Channel
  • Compatible with Accelerometers, Eddy Probes and +/-24VDC Powered Sensors
  • BNC Buffered Output Per Channel
  • Two Buffered Outputs via Terminal Block Per Input
  • Onboard Sensor Power
  • +24V or -24VDC Power Supply Capability
  • OK Power Indicator
  • Din Rail Mountable

CMCP300B Buffer Module

CMCP1300ST-T Triaxial Accelerometer with Temperature CMCP1300ST-T Low Cost Triax with Temperature

    • Low Cost Triaxial Accelerometer with Temperature
    • Side Exit, 5 Pin M12 Connector
    • 100 mV/g Per Axis
    • 10 mV/°C Temperature Output
    • 0.32 Hz to 10 kHz (19.2 to 900k cpm)
    • -65 to +185 °F (-54 to +85 °C)
    • 1/4-28 UNF or M8x1.25 Mounting Bolt
    • 316 Stainless Steel Case

      CMCP1300ST-T Triaxial Accelerometer

    Relative Proximity Probe Holder CMCP801QD Quick Disconnect Proximity Probe Holder

    • Meets API 670 External Mounting Specifications
    • Quick Disconnect Coupling
    • Removal without Re-Gapping
    • Fits 4 Probe Sizes
    • IP66 Rated, NEMA 4 Raintight
    • 316 Stainless Steel Probe Holder
    • Explosionproof Cast Aluminum Housing
    • Four 3/4" NPT Conduit Hubs
    CMCP801QD Datasheet

    CMCP312PSB Portable Switchbox CMCP310PSB Portable Switch Box

    • Accepts up to 8 Inputs
    • BNC or Pluggable Terminal Block Inputs
    • BNC Output with Selector Switch
    • Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Housing
    • Compact and Portable
    • Increases Data Collection Time
    • 4.4"x4.2"x2.0" (111x106x50mm)

    Battery Powered Reciprocating Compressor Kit, Vibration CMCP601R Portable Reciprocating Compressor Kit

    The CMCP601R Battery Powered Mini Reciprocating Compressor kit which is designed for easy transport and use. The CMCP601R is designed to demonstrate vibration monitoring techniques used on Reciprocating Machinery. The CMCP601R can be fully equipped with accelerometers and proximity probes to demonstrate motor, gear, crosshead, rod drop, rod runout and cylinder vibration monitoring.

    CMCP601R Datasheet

    CMCP420VT-T/Ex IECEx/ATEX Approved 4-20mA Dual Output Vibration and Temperature Output CMCP420VT-T/Ex IECEx/ATEX Approved 4-20mA Dual Output Vibration and Temperature Output

    • IECEx and ATEX Approved (Exd)
    • Dual Output Vibration and Temperature
    • 4-20mA Velocity Output
    • 4-20mA Temperature Output
    • 2 to 2,000 Hz (120 to 120kcpm)
    • Two Ranges Available
    • Flameproof Connection Head Included
    • RoHS Compliant
    CMCP420VT-T/Ex Datasheet

    CMCP420VT/Ex IECEx/ATEX Approved Loop-Powered Vibration Velocity Transmitter with Dynamic Output CMCP420VT/Ex IECEx/ATEX Approved Loop-Powered Vibration Velocity Transmitter with Dynamic Output

    • IECEx and ATEX Approved (Exd)
    • 4-20mA Velocity Output
    • 100mV/g Dynamic Output
    • 2 to 2,000 Hz (120 to 120kcpm)
    • Two Ranges Available
    • Flameproof Connection Head Included
    • RoHS Compliant
    CMCP420VT/Ex Datasheet

    Handheld Vibration Pen CMCP630VP Portable Vibration Pen

      • Quick and Easy to Setup and Use
      • Backlit LCD Display for Low Light Conditions
      • Lightweight, Compact and Ergonomically Designed Case
      • Velocity, Acceleration and Displacement Measurements
      • Peak Hold Function
      • Hand Pressure
      • 30 Hour Battery Life (Continuous Use)
      • Rechargeable Battery
      • Conforms to ISO2372
      • Lanyard, Travel Case, Charger, Storage Bag and
        ISO 10816-1 Severity Chart Included
      CMCP630VP Datasheet

      CMCP-TKPW Pocket Wobulator CMCP-TKPW-KIT Pocket Wobulator Test Kit

      • Compact, Battery Powered Wobulator
      • Compact Static Calibrator Included
      • For Use with Proximity Probe Systems
      • 4140 Steel Wobble Plate
      • 0-15 mil (0-381um) Dynamic Range
      • Collets for English and Metric Probe Sizes
      • Precision Dial Indicator
      • Variable Speed (0-7,000 RPM)
      • Tachometer and Key Phase Notch for Speed Probes
      • Includes Travel Case, Battery Pack, Charger and Mounting Magnet

      Sensor Power and Interface Module CMCP300P Sensor Power and Interface Module

      • Accepts up to Four Sensors
      • NC Signal Outputs
      • Simultaneous Connection of Accelerometers, Proximity Probes and DC Sensors
      • Onboard Constant Current Power for IEPE Sensors
      • Dual Power Supply Capabiity (+24V and -24V Operation)
      • Screw Terminals
      • Compact Design
      • Optional Battery Pack for Portable Use
      • Optional Din Rail Mounting Plate
      • Optional Din Rail Mounted Power Supply
      CMCP300P Sensor Power and Interface Module

      Battery Powered Vibration Rotor Kit, Demonstration Rotor Kit CMCP601M Mini Battery Powered Rotor Kit

      The CMCP601M Battery Powered Mini Rotor Kit is designed for easy transport, setup, and use. With a long battery life of 10+ hours, it makes it easy to demonstrate and train in the use vibration sensors such as Proximity Probes, Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors using Vibration Analyzers or other Monitoring Systems. To extend runtime the charger may be used concurrently with the battery.

      CMCP601M Demonstration Rotor Kit Data Sheet

      CMCP-TKPC Pocket Calibrator CMCP-TKPC QuickClick Pocket Calibrator

      • Verify Proximity Probe Calibration
      • Small Portable 1.5” Dia. x 3.5” (38 x 89 mm)
      • 4 Sizes of Collets ¼”, 3/8”, M8 and M10
      • 4140 Steel, 0.938“ (24 mm) Dia. Target
      • Table or Magnetic Mount
      • Hard Carrying Case
      • Fits in your Briefcase or Backpack
      • English or Metric Micrometer
      • 5 mil or 0.1mm Quick Click

      CMCP797-2 Two Channel Active Signal Buffer CMCP797-2 Two Channel Active Buffer Module

      • Two Inputs / 6 Outputs
      • Accepts Proximity Probes, Accelerometer or Velocity Sensors
      • BNC Buffered Output Per Sensor Input
      • Two Hardwired Buffered Outputs Per Input
      • 0 to 150kHz Frequency Range
      • +/- 24VDC Powered
      • Power “On” LED
      • Din Rail Mounted
      • Front Terminal or TBus® Power Wiring
      • Universal Input (Accels/proximity)

      CMCP797-2 Buffer Module Data Sheet

      Din Rail Mount BNC CMCP300E BNC Interface Module

      • Four Differential Inputs
      • Four Isolated Outputs
      • Din Rail Mounted (TS35 and TS32)
      • Screw Terminals
      • Compact Design
      • Low Cost
      CMCP300E BNC Din Rail Interface Module

      CMCP7504 Four Channel Machinery Monitoring System CMCP7504 Four Channel Machinery Monitoring System

      • Compact Four Channel Monitoring System Plus Speed and Temperature
      • 4.3" LCD Bar Graph Display with Alarm Indicators
      • ModBus TCP/IP Output
      • API 670 Compliant
      • Individual OK, Alert and Danger Relay Outputs
      • Isolated 4-20mA Outputs
      • Local BNC Buffered Outputs
      • Configurable via USB
      • IP65 Housing with Cord Grips
      • AC or DC Powered
      CMCP7504 Data Sheet

      CMCP760TT CMCP760TT Triaxial Accelerometer with Temperature Output

      • General Purpose, Triaxial Accelerometer with Temperature
      • Side Entry, M12 Connector
      • 100 mV/g ±10% and 10mV/°C Temperature Output
      • 0.8 to 15 kHz (48 to 900K cpm) Frequency Range
      • 1 Second Setting Time
      • -67 to +284 °F (-55 to 140 °C)
      • 1/4"-28 or M8x1.25 Captive Bolt
      • Lifetime Warranty
        CMCP760TT Dual Output Triaxial Accelerometer