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QuickFit Kit

CMCP200QF QuickFit - Adapter Kits

QuickFit Mounting Pads
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Product Code: CMCP200QF-K
  • Kits For Up to 500 Mounts
  • Improves Data Collection Routes
  • Complete with Pads and Adapters
  • Can Be Epoxied or Screw Mounted
  • Corrosion Resistant 316 Stainless Steel

STI's CMCP200QF Series QuickFit Mounting Pads Kits provide an easy and reliable way to connect sensors and handheld instruments for portable data collection. QuickFit Pads can either be glued or stud mounted to the measuring point, while the adapter screws onto the sensor or handheld device. A 3/4 turn twist of the sensor connects it to the pad, improving overall data collection time. Kits are available for 1, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300 and 500 mounts and are provided with sensor adapters for any industrial sensor or device.

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STI QuickFit Mounting Kits

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