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Accelerometer installation tool kits, or Spot Face Tools, are used to prepare a round flat area on your machine's bearing for the mounting of Accelerometers or Accelerometer Mounting Pads. Accelerometers and Velocity Sensors need a smooth flat surface to perform to their optimum specifications. Once the smooth flat area is prepared, the Accelerometer Sensor may be either epoxied (glued) or stud mounted. Installation Tool Kits or Spot Face Kits include a Spot Facer (End Mill), Drill, Tap, and Allen Wrench.
An indexable Spot Facer Kit is also available that allows for replacing the cutting teeth and is recommended for high usage cases. STI carries Accelerometer Installation Kits and Spot Face Kits in stock and are ready for immediate delivery or Pick-Up.
About STI Vibration Monitoring Accelerometer Installation Tool Kits
STI Vibration Monitoring's accelerometer installation tool kits, also known as spot facers, are a game-changer in the world of industrial vibration monitoring. With their user-friendly design and precision engineering, these tool kits make the installation process of accelerometers a breeze. Gone are the days of struggling with bulky equipment and complicated procedures.
Thanks to our spot facers, technicians can now easily and accurately install accelerometers in even the most challenging of locations. These compact and versatile kits are a must-have for any company looking to improve their vibration monitoring process and ensure the longevity of their machinery. Don't let difficult installation processes hold you back, let STI Vibration Monitoring's accelerometer installation tool kits take the hassle out of the equation.

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