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Spot Reamer

CMCP270L Series 1 1/8" Accelerometer Mounting Tool Kits

CMCP270L Series Accelerometer Mounting Tool Kit
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Product Code: CMCP270L
  • Guaranteed In Stock
  • 1.125” (28.57mm) Diameter Spot Facer with Adjustable Drill Bit
  • TiN-coated Drill Bit and Tap for Longer Life
  • Drill and Mill in One Action
  • No Pilot Required
  • For Thread Mounting or Adhesive Mounting
  • For Use with Portable Power Drills
  • Available for ¼”-28 Threaded Sensors and M8 Threaded Sensors
The CMCP270L Series Sensor Installation Tool Kits are used to mill a smooth, flat area on bearing housings as required for case mounted vibration sensors. Each spot facer kit includes a spot facer, drill bit, tap and hex key. The spot facer does not require a separate pilot tool as the drilling and spot facing is done in the same motion. The depth of the hole can be set by simply adjusting the amount the drill bit protrudes from the spot facer, allowing the user to create a small dimple for epoxy mounting pads or a deeper hole for stud mounting pads or sensors.

CMCP270L-01 For 1/4-28 Threaded Sensors
CMCP270L-02 For M8 Threaded Sensors

CMCP270L Series Accelerometer Mounting Tool Kit
Kit Includes:
1 End Mill
1 Drill Bit
1 Tap
1 Allen Wrench

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