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CMCP315PS Triaxial Accelerometer Junction Box-Painted Steel

CMCP315 Datasheet PDF
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CMCP315 Entries:
Product Code: CMCP315PS

  • Available for 2 to 16 Triaxial Accelerometer Inputs
  • 3 BNC Outputs (X,Y and Z)
  • Optional Quick Connect Output
  • IP66, NEMA 4/4X Rated Enclosures
  • Fiberglass, Painted Steel or Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Heavy Duty Terminal Strips
  • Quick Release Door Latches
  • Top Plate Safety Cover
  • Optional IP68 Breakthrough Cord Grips

The CMCP315 Series Triaxial Accelerometer Switchable BNC Junction Boxes are multiple channel connection centers designed for terminating the outputs of triaxial accelerometers while allowing simultaneous data collection. They are normally located in a close proximity to a machine to reduce wiring costs as well as to provide a convenient and safe location to access sensor signals. The CMCP315 Series BNC Boxes are circuit board based with a removable front cover plate to ease installation. The cover plate hides all internal wiring to limit exposure for increased protection.

CMCP315 Datasheet PDF

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